Why Choose Us?

It is understandable that numerous financial advisor options exist and determining the right fit and chemistry level is necessary for a successful and fruitful relationship. As a Fee-Only advisory firm, we are focused on understanding you at the human level and taking a hollistic approach to help you and your family achieve financial goals. Since we are focused on our client's goals and interests alone, we seek to engage and develop long-term relationships with our clients.Understanding the personal experiences of our clients provides our staff with the necessary qualitative breadth to meet their ever changing needs. As a strictly Fee-Only advisory firm, we are proud to represent less than 5% of all financial advisors nationwide who have chosen to represent their clients in the most objective manner possible. Learn more about fiduciary advisors here.

providing value

If you already have an advisor, does he or she really understand your unique financial picture. From experience, we have seen clients experience very little on-going communications regarding their finances from their advisor. Do you know whether your plans are getting you closer to your goals? What are the externalities that may be impeding your success? What are some aspects of your plan that you can improve? What opportunities exist given your current tax status? We seek to provide value and appropriate solutions to your concerns.

Value provided

- Objective and impartial analysis of your financial situation with a hollistic scope

- Professional management of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments

- Pro-active on-going communications with all clients

- Direct contact with professionals making decisions in your accounts

- Fee-Only investment managemend free of any product selling

- Face-to Face meetings with professionals working with you

- Ability to address needs as they present themselves

If a client-centered hollistic approach appeals to you, please contact our office here to see if our services are a right fit for you.