Plan Sponsors

Plan sponsors and HR professionals are increasingly being tasked with additional duties and responsibilities including the administration of complex company retirement plans. Aside from their HR duties, many professionals have had to take on these important roles without the necessary training and or expertise required to manage with confidence. The Antonio Financial Group recognized the responsibilities necessary for a successful plan and stands to work closely with plan sponsors and their chosen staff to ensure a well-thought out and thorough plan meeting the ever chaning needs of employees and their employer.

As a Fee-Only advisory firm, the Antonio Financial Group stand independent and free from the traditional arrangements associated with plan administration and management. We are available to serve in full-fiduciary capacity and or co-fiduciary capacity based on the needs of the firm. We are there to assist a company's staff from inception to implementation, all the way through monitoring and constanstassessment. With this level of detail and personalized service, staff and employees receive the value of a firm ready to meet changing needs while providing flexibility. You also utilize benchmarking tools to constantly evaluate efficiency of a plan and its features.

The passage of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 Pension Protection Act of 2006 requires plan sponsors and its fiduciaries to act solely in the interests of, and for the exclusive benefit, of plan participants and beneficiaries. Not since recent Department of Labor (DOL) regulations under Section 408(b)(2), plan sponsors and their participants were not given a clear understanding of the fees being paid directly and indirectly to financial professionals working for or onbehalf of a plan. For far too long, fees and other compensation were not disclosed explicitly to plan participants and plan sponsors. This final new regulation provides clarity and transperency to plan sponsors and its participants. No long can advisors receive potentially conflicted compensation without its disclosure.

The basis of this regulation is for transparency for plan participants. For plan sponsors, they will need to assess whether advisors are earning their fees which allows for higher quality service and competitive pricing.

We are proud to be part of a very small group of advisory firms that utilize open architecture platforms that allow for more independent and objective investment offerings. We do not and will never have any revenue sharing programs. We DO NOT and will never receive any commissions from any products and or other financial investments we recommend. In fact, we ensure that plan offerings are balanced and diversified for plan participants. Our personalized education program helps educate plan participants into making true sound decisions. We give them a big picture overview with a hollistic approach that takes into account their overall plans.

Most importantly, we emphasize the overall goal of a plan sponsor to ensure that their employees increase their chance for financial success over the long-run. Please contact our office to inquire about our services.