Comprehensive Financial Planning

We offer comprehensive financial planning services and a la carte services focused on specific client needs. Should you enlist our services, we provide objective financial planning services at a rate of $175 per hour as needed by the client. The amount of services requested and needed are chosen by the client. More information regarding our fees may be found here.

Comprehensive financial planning will include a majority of the financial planning aspects listed below, while an a la carte engagement will include a specific client chosen scope of financial planning services provides by AFG.

Prospective clients are invited to contact us to arrange a confidential, complimentary consultation. Upon request, and after your consultation, a proposed fee relevant to services to be rendered is prepared for prospective clients to review.

Why Financial Planning Is Important

Aspects of Financial planning

General Financial Planning

Purchasing a Home – Should I buy or rent? What type of mortgage should I get?

Debt Management – How do I reduce my overall debt?

Building a College Fund – How do I finance my child's college education?

Savings Goals – How much money should I have in my emergency fund?

Retirement planning

Building a Retirement Fund – What retirement vehicles should I consider when building my nest egg?

401(k) and 403(b) Plans – How do I pick the investments for my 401(k) or 403(b) plan?

IRA Accounts – Should I choose a traditional or Roth IRA?

Social Security – How much will I receive in Social Security benefits when I retire?

income tax planning*

General Tax Return Filing – Should I file my taxes as single or married?

Tax Reduction Strategies – What tax deductions can I take?

Charitable Contributions – How do I maximize the tax advantages of my charitable contributions?

Small Business Taxation – How can I position my small business to minimize my taxes?

Estate planning*

Building an Inheritance – What estate planning vehicles should I consider when building an inheritance?

Wills and Trusts – Should I set up a will or a living trust?

Estate Tax Strategies – How do I reduce my estate taxes?

Incapacity Planning – How do I appoint a Power of Attorney?

investment planning*

Investment Strategies – How do I maximize gains and minimize taxes?

Asset Accumulation – How should I diversify my portfolio, given my risk tolerance?

Generating Investment Income – What investment vehicles should I consider to generate income?

Real Estate - Should I invest in real estate?

special circumstances

Job Loss and Job Change – How do I financially plan for a job loss?

Foreclosure Assistance – How can I avoid losing my property to a foreclosure?

Change in Marital Status – How do I financially plan for a divorce?

*Certain areas of financial planning require specific professional advice through CPAs, CFAs, and attorneys. When necessary, we will enlist the partnership of qualified professionals to provide guidance and assistance with the planning process.